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Ron Gallinat, the Principal and the Managing Partner of COEB, has this experience:

2000 to Present: Central Oregon Employee Benefits, LLC (COEB)

1995 to 2000: Lumbermens Insurance & Financial Services: An extensive knowledge

of marketing and underwriting employee benefit plans was attained while having the

position of Manager, Employee Benefits. As a licensed consultant and agent,

responsibilities included servicing and obtaining new clients for employer-sponsored

life, disability, medical, prescription drug dental and vision plans.

St. Charles Medical Center had their benefit plans with Lumbermens while I was

employed there. I was responsible for the day to day service as well as the projection

worksheets and utilization reports.

1992 to 1995: Lifewise (formerly Pacific Health & Life): Experience in the Central Oregon marketplace. Managing the underwriting department and working with other management team members to develop new products, contracts and benefit books were the main focus. Responsibility of the financial position of Pacific Health & Life was shared with the chief financial officer.

Experience at Pacific Health & Life also included working with an actuarial firm from Minnesota to develop an actuarial/underwriting model to determine renewal and prospective premiums for group insurance clients.

Jefferson County School District had their benefit plan with Lifewise and I was responsible for their projection worksheets and utilization reports.

1987 to 1992: Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon: A wealth of information and experience was obtained as a senior underwriter. Responsibilities included underwriting public and private groups of 50 or more employees. Different funding mechanisms included fully-insured, partial and fully self-insured, minimum premium and ASO (administrative services only). When BlueCross purchased Associated Administrators, Inc. (the largest third-party administrator in Oregon) our department provided specific and aggregate stop-loss underwriting services. Also included was determining initial and ongoing reserve adjustments and cash flow alternatives (in the start-up or termination of a self-insured program).

In approximately 1990 the Administrative and Classified employees of Bend-LaPine Public School District placed their group insurance program with BlueCross. I was the senior underwriter responsible for utilization reports and projection worksheets.

While at BlueCross I was the senior underwriter who worked the Beaverton School District triple-option program and an association of twelve school districts in southern Washington. Projection worksheets, experience, and utilization reports were designed and provided monthly. Several large association plans, counties, and cities were also included in my responsibilities.

1984 to 1987: Standard Insurance Company: The Very detailed experience was gained while working in Portland Oregon as an underwriter. Standard specializes in employer-sponsored life, disability, and dental products. Responsibilities included underwriting prospective small and large groups (public and private). For larger groups analyzing experience information and proposing different funding mechanisms was a requirement.

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